Disrupt Or Re-Invent Ourselves?

How vulnerable is our business? As vulnerable as that of the market participants in our market segments.
For years, we were in the given-a-problem-searched-a-solution innovation business. In modeling and simulation of complex technical systems.

Work and Knowledge - Wellsprings of Our Lives

compiled from Wilhelm Reich.
Today, we have launched UnRisk Academy, a new business unit that will package and transfer know how.

The Risk Analytics Factory

In Wired Nov-09, I read under World's Biggest Digital Brains that those, with names like Blue Brain, Discover, Ranger, .. are able to handle "many" teraflops, studying the inner working of the human brain, climate simulations, .....: Number of processors up to 16.000 for 500 Teraflops.

If UnRisk was a Bike

it was most probably a YikeBike . It is rated one of the best 50 inventions of the year 2009 in Time magazine. YikeBike says: YikeBike is a statement about using smart technology to solve the problems of our increasingly congested, polluted, stressful cities.
In this case I relate it to our UnRisk-Q the quant-computing-and-developing system that packs the latest technologies into a minimalist infrastructure of a supercomputer-under-a-quants-desk. Shhh on NVIDIA Tesla. As YikeBike to be available in Q2 2010.

Main And Wall

are never going to love each other? (from am article in Time magazine, November 9, 2009). Meaning Main Street and Wall Street, synonymous for real economy and financial markets.
IMO, they are tightly bound to each other since we have instruments as media for asynchronous economic transactions: when Main has an idea but no liquidity or Main has liquidity but no idea, Wall shall have an answer.
Both interplay in good balance if their innovativeness balances well?

Made To Measure

No, this is not about the collection Made to Measure of the Belgian record label Crammed Disk. But it would be worth to mention the renowned artists having worked with musicians who contribute to the MTM collection: Jim Jamusch who produced the filmmusic to one of my favorites "Down By Law" (MTM 14), to name one.
However it is about intersections and interplay of art books, films, .. with music.

UnRisk FACTORY 2 Released. Quick after UnRisk 4

9-Nov-09, UnRisk took UnRisk FACTORY 2 to financial institutions for enterprise-wide real-time pricing and risk analytics strategies. Ten days after the release of the UnRisk PRICING ENGINE 4, FACTORY 2 incorporates all its new deal types and features, like expected coupon rate and survival probability calculations.

In addition to the new UnRisk 4 deal types, models and utilities, advanced filtering, automatic generation of all kind of schedules, user defined result aggregation all leading to highly automated tasks, UnRisk FACTORY 2 introduces visualization.

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