More is not always more

Since the beginning of the financial crisis markets have shifted to new regimes, characterized by almost unimaginable anomalies. It has exposed failures in risk management, but also familiar models and valuation techniques became unmasked as unreliable. 

Market risk management did not valuate portfolios across all challenging scenarios. It also underestimated model risk and traps of intrinsically flawed valuation techniques. Risk departments might also have resigned in searching high performance platforms providing reliable risk spectra fast enough. 
But, holding deal types with event-driven contract features, like barrier options, you want to get the risk profile in time enabling you to hedge your risk actively. 

Without consensus about other preferences, we have passionately developed UnRisk for risk analytics in real-time.
But from the beginning, we have worked in the sense of the following manifesto, which has been written by Emanuel Derman and Paul Wilmott, two of the most asked experts in quantitative finance.

We are highly committed to transform the needs of individual customers quickly into a immediate solution, but from time to time, when I address such a requirement, Andreas Binder, CEO of the UnRisk maker MathConsult, decides "we stay away from this deal type, model, ... because it gives false comfort about its assumptions, like correlations, parameter spaces, ... or computability".

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