The Brave And The Bold

Harvard Business Review Article: Managing Risk in the New World; Has the development of tools for assessing risk lulled people in believing risk is now easier to control?

It sounds to me a bit like has the "existence" of Batman, who does not possess superpower, but make use of intellect, science and technologies in his war against crime, lulled people in risking more in fuzzy interactions? Batman is interesting, because he is a kind of combination of people and things. Important pieces in the Batman story are the many villians he has to fight, who might come in multi-faces, like the Penguin. Say, risk in many disguises.
However Batman would have often failed, if Batmobil, Batsignal, Batplan and other aids were not working firmly.

We have put our best efforts in tools allowing for consistent institution-wide risk-analytics policies and avoiding method and front-to-back cross-model risk. And we boost our valuation servers to working ultra-fast, without loosing accuracy and robustness even on the most heavy workloads. Risk expert take them as decision support, we keep off the computer-mouse-traps.
Shh our next UnRisk FACTORY release is coming in 10 days.

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