Some further thoughts on flexibility.
Let me start with Transformers , complicated mechanisms that can transform themselves into something completely different. 
A robot into a car. They need to be built of quite generic building blocks and flexible function complexes. And an intelligent programming unit and control.
Little less complex, but more realistic convertible cars, tablet computers, furnitures, ..

What about UnRisk? Does it have more faces? Can it be converted?
In the previous post, I tried to "deconstruct" UnRisk to prove its capability of automating tasks. But (not so surprizingly) nearly all of them also hold for conversion. But whilst task automation requires most of the components of the UnRisk FACTORY , UnRisk-Q , is the most flexible convertible. Thus it is the offer for quant developers.
It organizes generalized deal types, models and methods orthogonally. In the declarative language of Mathematica financial objects can be quickly structured, configured, customized, parallelized, valued, visualized, demonstrated, .... deployed in a network or over the web.

Yes it is a convertible. The blueprint for the conversion is given by comprehensive exploration items, that are tied together and packaged with a complete know-how transfer - how to build a package the UnRisk way. By the UnRisk Academy .
A Convertible that prices Convertibles.

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