Walk Up or Drive Up?

I daily see the Pöstlingberg, one hour walking distance away from my flat. It is a hill that is one of the most important sights of Linz, a landmark. The panoramic view from the top encompasses the city, the winding River Danube, forested hills, farms, fields and distant villages to a horizon of misty blue mountains.

Now and then I walk up choosing one of the dozens of foot-paths that meander along tall trees where bird songs drifts through the still air . In a matter of minutes you're up by car or the modern electric tram, the steepest adhesion railway in Europe.
I walked up this Sunday. Alone before reaching the top with the twin-towered Baroque pilgrimage basilica, a few restaurants and beer gardens. The crown of the hill was really crowded. People trying to get advantage of the same thing at the same time, avoiding effort-taking approaches but need to share benefits, or lose.

And I thought of market behavior, risk types and patterns in financial markets. Blue Chips might offer you slow big gains, but also fast big losses (as explained by Aaron Brown in Wilmott magazine, Jul-06, Building Your Wings on the Way Down?

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