My Begur Vacation Illustrated

I wrote about the contrast between the impressive Cuba-houses in the center and the (now empty) little-boxes-on-the-hillside-made-of -ticky-tacky ...  in Begur and Bubbles .

Now, I want to let my core impressions speak by a few images.
You see the small village of Sa Tuna, 45min walk down from Begur, in a view of the nice hotel restaurant terrace, embedded in the typical wild coast and what came to the table: the grilled Scorpionfish (Rascasses), and Cigales and Gambas from Palamos. The "Nisus" is a Cuvee os Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay of vineyards near Barcelona (Pla de Bages). It has intense straw color, nose with aroma of honey and peaches and citric and tropical fruit flavors. It has exceptional quality for a comparatively low price.
(BTW, the white-house is not in Begur area, but in Empuries that is 40km north, where the wild coast becomes less wild and the stone houses are in Pals)