Another Pocketful Of Experiences

2010 was the year of getting back, but not on the old horse.

Looking back again might be a luxury, but valuable lessons can be learned from a short trip down the memory lane through a year that has been also our 10 years after .

This Days in UnRisk

  • 15-Mar-10  Frankfurt - Introduction of our sophisticated calibration of Heston/Bates with CUDA support
  • 19-Mar-10 Linz - China Quants and us fix a partnership blueprint
  • 05-Jun-10 Linz - UnRisk-Q designed to support power quants and SaaS/web developers
  • 15-Jul-10 Barcelona - Launch of a comprehensive SaaS/web project with Solventis
  • 27-Jul-10 Linz - UnRisk 4.1, 17th release in less than 10 years
  • 26-Aug-10 Linz - UnRisk FACTORY 2.1 released - with all 4.1 engine capabilities
  • Mid-Sep-10 Shanghai - UnRisk Tour with China Quants
  • 04-Nov-10 London - Can-you-see-the-risk presentation with CUDA results
  • 02-Dec-10 Linz - Mathematica 8 compatibility 
may give a picture of our quick development ability to switch to new regimes, if required.

This year we again tied the latest technologies together to making UnRisk a magnitude Faster, Smarter, Better - multiplying cloud power, CUDA power, Mathematica 8 power, our proprietary numerical schemes power and model-method selections. 

2011 UnRisk engines and FACTORY versions will include a comprehensive VaR module screening portfolios and instruments across a vast variety of risk factors and methodologies. UnRisk-Q will support CUDA for analysis that could not be done without. 
We also will release powerful new webUnRisk tools ......

This year our FACTORY and engines were selected by reputable banks and insurance companies. From one of the most profitable private bank, with subsidiaries in all major and fully fledged European finance places to a very small, specialized regional bank.
The UnRisk Academy has packaged know-how for our customers and conducted weeks of seminars giving full explanation about the background.

2011 we will not rest and build new individual relationships, whilst driving generic technologies.