IDRC, A Speciality Management Consulting, Partners With UnRisk

IDRC is a professional services and consulting expert in Data Analysis and Quantitative Modeling and Research, based in Frankfurt, London, Moscow and Mumbai. Their consulting is packed as two broad formats: ProcessAnalytics and Quant Research Center.

Both these get direct involvement of IDRC directors, IDRC advisor network, IDRC,s own analytics standby facilities and affiliates. Under the Quant Research Center, IDRC goes on to develop  client's dedicated team, systems and infrastructure.
IDRC has developed Quant Incubator for Evaluserve, and an enterprise-wide quant support desk for Bank of America and has executed structuring, derivatives pricing and risk quantification assignments for top banks and buy-side firms globally, including Citigroup, RBS and Barclays in London, Kotak goup and IL&FS in India.

UnRisk offers a selected range of products that enable financial institutions to focus on in-time decision support for valuing and managing risk from the single deal type to the large and diversified portfolio. For entereprise-wide pricing and analytics strategies all UnRisk products access the same blazingly fast but accurate and robust valuation engines that avoid cross model & method risk that usually becomes horrible in interplay.

"With this synergistic affiliation with UnRisk, IDRC will now offer its buy-side and corporate clients, a cost-efficient access to UnRisk's cutting edge valuation, risk & analytics platforms, and UnRisk-powered service solutions. Thus we expect to capture a huge untapped demand of cutting-edge models and analytics, packaged in client-centric cost efficient service framework.
UnRisk's platforms will enable IDRC to develop and integrate solutions with unparalleled performance and with unprecedented low effort. IDRC expects to cater effectively to highly demanded services of OTC derivatives and structured trade valuation and risk to clients, bringing further client-acknowledgement to UnRisk’s product range from India, Russia, UK and Germany", summarizes, Amit Batra, Director of IDRC, "The concurrence of the two firms, on synergy and trust based business philosophy and passion for quality and innovation, makes me confident that this affiliation will thrive and bring excellent cash returns", he adds. 

I agree, we package know how partnering with the most talented individuals and groups for service and business development on and of groundbreaking technology platforms.