A Surprising Entrepreneurship Paradox

With affordable technologies and tools, better communication channels, skill sharing…it has never been easier to start your own company, but entrepreneurship is in the decline.

I'd not have believed that the decline happens for years, before I read about the Entrepreneurship Paradox at Pieria.

Concluding, it seams that the future is becoming old, like the rest of us (entrepreneurs)? Why is this so? Do the (business) failure rates of younger firms increase? Does it need (too much) time to become antifragile? Do entrepreneurs hate to manage?

OK, entrepreneurship at the high-tech sector started declining after the dot-com crash. But the dot-com boom triggered a broadband emergence that helps entrepreneurship?

What to do? IMO, for a vibrant, growing economy, older firms should co-operate much more with the younger and fight the worst enemy: be happy with the achieved, together.

Reading this, has inspired me to write about the development of a quant entrepreneurship (dependent or independent). I will post it on Tuesday.