After 247.500 Hours Developing UnRisk...

we've announced UnRisk Quant. But it's not yet another announcement.

I recall the very beginning…the decision to make UnRisk PRICING ENGINE after some amazingly successful quant finance projects - 2001. Or 2008 when we launched our flagship platform the UnRisk FACTORY.

But things have changed drastically. The new regulatory regime of centralization and standardization may not only lead to revenue compression of derivatives businesses, but also change the roles of quants fundamentally. Instead of "structure me this" or "optimize me the market risk of that portfolio" they will need to manage massive data and valuations diving deep into the institutions information system?

The open workload of quants may become horrible and their race at the critical path of no avail?!

With UnRisk-Q we've unleashed the programming power behind UnRisk. It became an indispensable add-on for our clients that individually post-process the comprehensive risk data of the UnRisk FACTORY. It stretched our business. Consequently, we didn't push it hard,

Help quants leverage their work  

We believe hot creativity and not frozen standards will heel the feverish financial systems. Quants have it.  We decided therefore to offer them a fundamentally new partnership. The foundation is UnRisk Quant in a license form including free updates and application support by our key developers.

We'll also provide know how packages by the UnRisk Academy heads.

Savor or save?

We're too small to change the big decisions, but we decided to help quants suffering less from constraints…We're lucky to have only few constraints when making our decisions…do the important or the profitable is not the same.

This is what we've decided:
  • Help the most busy people in quant finance - quants
  • Move fast when making decisions - listen less to focus groups, but quants
  • Help quants making their deadlines - its developed for maximum quant productivity
  • Trade up on trust - by telling the truth, full transparency, unprecedented quick response...
With UnRisk Quant you program in a high level Financial Language implemented in high performance valuation and xVA engines, scenario simulators, a VaR Universe…

Mail now to Michael Aichinger…the response may surprise you...