I just returned from a 5 days vacation: cross country skiing at Ramsau-Dachstein one of the cross country skiing centers in Austria. I also have been at Ramsau in summer time, and hiking through the woods, I found baskets full of fungi, especially chanterelles and ceps.

And it came in my mind that some of the fungi live for-and-from special wood-wide-webs (common mycorrhizal networks), where plants and mycorrhizal fungi are linked to transfer, say, carbon-hydrates and minerals.
Research suggested that plants could facilitate the growth of other plants, which could play an important role in seedling establishment, forest succession, and other plant-plant interaction. (see MykoWeb )

In Disrupt Or Re-Invent Ourselves I mentioned our new mission: closing the customer feed back link by transferring know how. Is it the typical New-Years intent?
No, 2010 will be the year of intensifying our know-how packages business. We are highly committed to building common quantitative finance networks with our customers - for mutual development and growth, open innovation and networking will become our business principle.

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