First We Build The Tools - Then They Build Us

said Marshall McLuhan. McLuhan's most widely known work Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man is a pioneering study in media theory. McLuhan's insight was that a medium affects the society in which it plays a role not by the content delivered over the medium, but by the characteristics of the medium itself. 

In his characterization some media were "hot", others "cool". In short and simplified, hot media usually favor analytical precision and quantitative analysis; cool media require more active participation of the user, abstract patterning and simultaneous comprehension of all parts.

To be honest, we did not precisely think in that categories when we characterized our core components for publicity. And UnRisk is not a media. Also our hot (the pricing and calibration engines) and cool (the portfolio across scenario valuation factory) exist on a continuum. 
UnRisk systems are able to run countless iterations across many factors and generate a large amount of individual return- and risk-spectra that give our users insight for concrete deal decisions and strategies. But also us. 
When we experiment and test inverting from market data and across a vast variety of scenarios, we get insight into possibilities of complex deal dynamics. To do the cool stuff the hot stuff needs to be ultra-fast, accurate and robust. UnRisk engines are.
So, our own tools also build us.