Is There Anything That Only I Can Do?

I have started as a programmer 35 years ago and have been a CEO for 20 years now.
I am passionate about future technologies and demand-first innovation. With UnRisk we are celebrating its 10th year. It's been a remarkable journey so far and we are proud of the work we have completed through the years. UnRisk - 10 Years After.

My responsibility is business development, and when I ask myself the title question, I need to extend: for-whom?
Having chosen the co-evolution of customer needs and technology development with a closed feed back loop we created a made-to-measure architecture, inevitably. Pointedly, we are selling customer experiences transformed by schemes that are fruit of original thinking of team members and the teams as a whole.

So, the answer is yes and no. As a whole, we do not have any fear of the immediate usage of the latest technologies, we reject one-sitze-fits-all approaches and we partner.
We offer know-how packages to our customers and live an open information policy.
Consequently, I will soon present our Agenda 2011 that will include the strategic initiatives for this year.