Scream From the Mountaintops What You Have Bought?

Recently, I have read that the new generation want to scream from the mountaintops what they have bought, and to the largest audience. I am afraid, this is not true for our business, and I think, this is not even true for the If-UnRisk-was-a ... products? 

But then Dan Ariely (see .. Cheats a Little Bit) came into my mind again and his book Predictably Irrational, describing customers changing from sceptics to advocates once they own a product (this is only a little aspect in this provoking, entertaining but insightful book). When we buy something, we become its greatest champion? ..... implying that communication is building validation and promotion - and the communication in internet based social networks multiplies. Is what-you-have-bought-is-good one of the irrational human behaviors?

This is a challenge for me as a marketer. UnRisk is bought by clients, banks, capital management firms, funds, insurance, stock exchanges and used by actor-groups, front-office, asset management, risk management ... Clients do not scream-from-the-mountaintops ... With single users, we interact in services and our Academy courses. Innovation is quiet.

But UnRisk-Q can empower a single quant to turn around product and risk controlling of a whole organization. ... become UnRisk's greatest champions.