From Financial Daredevils To Autopilots?

Thinking about surfing the turbulent price waves an aspect of discontinuity in technology development enters into my consciousness.

Stress in the air. In the golden age of aviation an unprecedented growth of affordable light aircraft occurred, providing ambitious individuals with the means to conquer the sky.
Aviators raced to be first from A to B, areal daredevils flew in biplanes with open cockpits and controlled flights by watching their vectorizing shawls.
Later, cockpits were closed and pilots got a few instruments and when jet-engines replaced classical motors they fell an unknown decide-in-a-second stress. It is my strong believe, that the stress intensity held until autopilots overtook the steering and risk control.
However, we know from the Hudson River Plane Landing that expert pilots need to overrule the autopilot in emergency cases.

How far are we with auto-valuation-and-risk-control? Automatic model and method selection as well as precision control to track precision alongside the process structure need enormous computing muscles, massive data management and individual rule systems.
But if you know the solvers for a special regime, you select it.
The ingredients are in UnRisk-Q - ready to integrate into individual knowledge frameworks.