UnRisk or UnRisk?

Serving practitioners from front offices to product and risk controlling in 10 years, we have developed a sophisticated set of engines and tools and tied them together to a valuation and data management factory the UnRisk FACTORY. It offers one key benefit to its customers: automation of portfolio across scenario analysis - by pushing buttons or running scheduled tasks.

System variables are user roles and usage definitions, deal type specifications and valuation and risk management procedures.

Having built radical innovation from bottom up, we were able to unleash them - fusing high-end numerical schemes with massive data and valuation management - as UnRisk-Q. Its declarative, domain specific language and link technologies allow for building individual quant finance systems, in the scope of the UnRisk engines. In the extreme another "UnRisk Factory" and beyond. Practically everything is variable, except the model-method combinations that have been proven as the most sophisticated in the bank practice.