Agenda 2013 - Accelerate

2012 we have released UnRisk 6 and UnRisk FACTORY 4. It was the year of new customer segments and uses of our FACTORY based solutions as well as the programming power behind. The UnRisk engines and the FACTORY and VaR Universe are now linked twofold. 100+ customers world-wide enjoy UnRisk's benefits - supporting solutions from model validation to comprehensive SaaS offers.

Packing eleven years of experience into a reverse innovation process we are currently going beyond. We reinvent UnRisk and make it even faster and swifter to adapt.
newUnRisk  is going to be multi-langauge, platform agnostic, inherently parallel and cross platform - enabling quant developers to hone their experience without wasting time with building bank proof technologies. It is amazing, how the project progresses.

We summarized this at our 11 years of UnRisk event - with inspiring talks from Raiffeisen Upper  Austria, Raiffeisen Capital Management, CS Private Banking Advisory Innovation, Solventis, Axicorda and Deloitte Financial Advisory.

2013 will be the year of acceleration.

To accelerate decision making, we constantly work on the optimization and automation of the portfolio across scenario analytics schemes in the UnRisk FACTORY and UnRisk FACTORY Capital Manager.

To accelerate development processes, we will release the newUnRisk core with four representations of its domain specific language (see more details here). Due to the high-level design patterns additional languages will follow quickly.

To accelerate the pricing and calibration engines meeting the future billion-valuation requirements we will drive mathematical schemes implemented in OpenCL over computer grids.
The core will support the new computing muscles in a platform agnostic manner.

We find this bottom-up innovation indispensable when solving the pricing and risk management adjustments, especially CVA/DVA, in its full scope, not just as an accounting voodoo ...
And we will apply our best efforts again to do it the UnRisk way - with robust exposure modeling, ...

It is our strong belief that technology availability must not influence market participants' felt rates. Small and medium sized financial institutions need big systems - but affordable ones. This will drive us in 2013 again. Providing cheap innovation that accelerates decision making as well as system building, customization and runtime.