The Slow Developer Movement


IMO, there are too many incubators around and we might see a swing back towards science driven innovation in 2013? We are lucky that we positioned ourself as independent sw boutique, trying to make the impossible possible but not overdo it.

Non-trivial innovation needs time to provide value.

After 11 years, we  offer the most advanced builders for the development of SaaS web platforms. Made and run by financial services providers supporting banks, capital management firms, insurance, auditors, ... to manage investments and risk. With solutions atop the UnRisk FACTORY for highly automated and scheduled tasks and webUnRisk/UnRisk-Q for individual decision support.

Financial SaaS providers support their customers on demand with what each of them  want. Each user needs a web browser only.

First we combined UnRisk engines and UnRisk services, then valuation and data management.

With UnRisk 6  and UnRisk FACTORY 4 we provide high level web services that link both. FACTORY data can be programmatically manipulated with full UnRisk functionality.

Finally, everything fits to everything in an amazing powerful environment. The FACTORY needs the engines to calculate massive information in time and engines can be linked to the FACTORY to analyze them. Engines can be linked to external systems and data bases ....