The Cloud and the Grass

You know that I think virtualization and cloud computing is one of the things risk managers should be thankful for in 2013.

Recently I read this blog post in Wired Insider - the provocative subtitle of the Computerworld UK article (linked to): Do vendors think IT managers are stupid?

And I remembered The cloud and the crass - a business fable posted by Kailash Await at his Eight to Late Blog - with the conclusion: clouds don't give a damn about grass.

But in my 7 things risk managers should be thankful ... I wrote virtualization and personal cloud computing. That makes a difference. I see this with the eye of a software maker who provides technologies that run in personal cloud environments and provides tools for developing customized systems atop it.

And in our understanding, UnRisk solutions and development tools shall
  • run on simplified virtualized platforms
  • serve and utilize the valuation engines dynamically
  • manage data and valuations in one
  • administrate users related to their roles
  • schedule and monitor automated tasks
  • support the application life cycle
and because the development of the platforms is so swift (nearly weekly you hear a drumroll...) developers need to know what they can expect from us in, say, a year. It is on us making things cross platform, platform-agnostic, multi-language, multi-paradigm, domain-specific, web-enabled, data management linked, ... and blazingly fast, but accurate and robust.

Most of the requirements are met, but we still work hard on things that will support future technologies.
It is great fun. 
No, we are not producing just virtual umbrellas and sunshade ... we care about the grass.