What Is UnRisk For?

It is for derivative and risk analytics.

Sure the purpose of UnRisk is to make money - we are business people. But to make money we need to offer better derivative and risk analytics.  Not the other way around.

So, everything else is in service of that goal: deliveries for better derivative and risk analytics. It drives our even non-obvious decisions.

No it is not a portfolio composition, not a front office trading, not a collateral management, not a limit management, not a  reporting ... and not an accounting system.

The first motivation of many of our customers selecting UnRisk was: fill a gap in their workflow.
Can your system structure me this? Can you value that? Can you analyze these investment funds? Run 100 Millions of valuations over night? Support model validation? All common risk methodologies? Stress, back and benchmark tests? Does the calculation of risk spectra use full valuations? Does jour system support interactivity and batch jobs? Do you keep all valuations evident and persistent? Is your system capable of importing market data from my 3 market data providers? ...

Yes, we have a descriptive language front-end for structuring, cover a broad variety of deal type across all major asset classes, from the Vanilla to the most exotic, we do instrument group across scenario group valuation (model scenarios just an instance), we integrate data and valuation management and the whole valuation history is mapped into that data base  .. and yes, yes, yes, ...

Then it comes to the core discussion. The prospective buyer: my front-to-back system does not do this and that, how to integrate ... ? Easy, if  it's "half" as open as UnRisk.

And after a while of usage it turns out that UnRisk does not fill a gap, it supports their core business. Better insight, better decisions, better values, better bottom line,  ... UnRisk is in service of that goals.