Quant Sourcing - A New Category?

We have made UnRisk FACTORY 4 and UnRisk-Q 6. The UnRisk-Q kernel builds the pricing and calibration engine of the FACTORY products. It is intelligently manipulated by UnRisk services that control the work flow, manage the valuation and data management integration and organize the web access.

But with UnRisk-Q we unleashed the programming power behind UnRisk.
With its version 6 we introduced high level web services that link UnRisk-Q to the FACTORY data base - FACTORY objects and data can be programmatically manipulated with the full derivative and risk analytics functionality of UnRisk.

So, UnRisk FACTORY bundled with UnRisk-Q is a comprehensive solution and and development platform in one. UnRisk-Q is inside and outside.

We find, this is not only a product innovation, with licensing it to financial services organizations it became a business model innovation. UnRisk-Q does not distinguish development or runtime licenses - together with our open information policy we call this UnRisk option Quant Sourcing. It enables quant developers to transform our flagship product into their own solution.

Sebastian Miranda, Senior Quantitative Risk Analyst at Solventis - who built a SaaS assessing over 6000 financial instruments of different complexity and underlying assets, valued at over EUR 100 Billion on a daily bases for several financial institutions atop this UnRisk bundle - summarized: "this combined technology is an enabler"

We think it creates a new category.