How to Do Lab and Factory Work Simultaneosly

Motivated by Seth Godin's post:

At the lab we strive for finding a breakthrough, new ways to solve new problems and do new things. In labs we accept to get insight from failure. A lab does not think too much about exploiting, but creating.

The factory is made for reliability and productivity. It works automated and precise. It does what it did yesterday tomorrow, but  maybe faster or cheaper.

Hard to do lab work and factory work simultaneously?

In flexible manufacturing factories are configured by programmable and controlled manufacturing islands. But it is still true that their, say, design-labs are usually not tightly integrated into the factories production flows.

Our lab work is concentrating on UnRisk-Q. It builds the heart of the automated UnRisk FACTORY that inherits all new instant deal types, models, methodologies and utilities of each release. It is our responsibility to build the server programs that organize them to automated valuation and risk management tasks - scheduled or manipulated via its web front-end.

But UnRisk-Q comes also as programming environment enabling the implementation of a vast variety of extensions of the FACTORY - exploiting the full programming power behind UnRisk.

We ourselves develop parts of UnRisk in UnRisk and our FACTORY customers can do the same and couple their extensions with the FACTORY. Lab and Factory do not only co-exist, they are built for co-creation.