Writing About Music Is Like Dancing About Architecture

Who said this first? This question has been never satisfactorily resolved - The quote Investigator .
I like music and Thelonious Monk or Frank Zappa were candidates coming to my mind, but it was more probably - Martin Mull, the American actor, comedian, ...?

How can I write about software - UnRisk? I cannot. I can write about us and what you can do with it, and hope you trust that we are capable of and willing to do what we promise.
When we write about our mathematical approaches, we do not hide anything. Mathematics has a language side, but what finally matters is the operational semantics, ... its application, preferably on a computer  - Why FEM in Quant Finance Matters has a dynamic part - it is in UnRisk.

Writing, videos, even screencasts, ... (see UnRisk Exploration) is not enough. To understand the essence and differential advantages of a comprehensive software - UnRisk - you need to use it, or see it live in action.

This is why we have an interactive online help system - dynamic behavior cannot be described by static information.

But we know about the principle problem - how can you like UnRisk without having used it? This is why we are liberal with trial installations and educational copies and travel a lot offering individual on-site demonstrations. No writing, singing, dancing, .. required.

Picture from sehfelder