David and Goliath - About the Advantage of Speed, Accuracy and Better Eyesight

M. Gladwell's David and Goliath. Another Gladwell bestseller, taking the story of a shepherds boy felling a mighty warrior (in ancient Palestine) as metaphor for: what happens when ordinary people confront giants.

David had the advantage of speed in traveling without armor and more accuracy of his weapon at a greater distance and his better eyesight.

Arming David is an important factor in UnRisk's strategy from the beginning. Motivated by: In a market of Goliath able to justify huge spend on enterprise management how are the numerous small capital management houses to meet regulatory pressures whilst remaining cost effective?

Now it is two-sided: we support small quant teams with the programming power behind UnRisk and small financial  institutions with our highly automated but agile solutions. The quant Davids may themselves arm David.

We ourselves are a comparatively small outfit - David. Do Giants buy from us? Some do and enjoy UnRisk's benefits derived from the extra requirements when arming David: adequateness, accuracy, speed and agility utilizing a minimalist, cost effective technological infrastructure. But Goliath tends to buy from Goliath.

Building big systems for the small has brought us a great position. We are still independent, financially sound and bursting with ideas. 

And we are convinced that increasingly ideas will flow from David to Goliath.