UnRisk FACTORY 5 Released

30-Oct-13 - UnRisk takes UnRisk FACTORY and UnRisk FACTORY Capital Manager version 5 to financial institutions for advanced, individualized investment and risk management processes.

A compellingly comprehensive combo

This 10th release of the compelling comprehensive risk analytics platform since May-08 updates to the enhanced deal type coverage of UnRisk 7. Its minimum configuration supports now 12 computational kernels in parallel. The delivery consists of the FACTORY its VaR Universe and UnRisk-Q.

The high throughput is powered by UnRisk's inherently parallel engines and automation is arranged by scheduled tasks - including model validation, stress tests, VaR calculations, beck testing and benchmarking-

To allow quant developers to aggregate risk data, create dynamic reports, .. UnRisk-Q provides link tools to the factory data base.

Interest rates close to zero

Among the vast variety of new market data, simulation, VaR, ... features I want to highlight the possibility to valuate caps / floors / swaptions under Black 76 or Bachelier - why this is important has been presented in Black vs Bachelier revisited recently.