8 years in 8 minutes

Hi, I am Sascha Kratky. I work as a software engineer on the UnRisk team. Most of my development efforts go towards our flagship product UnRisk FACTORY, but I also contributed some code to our other products, the UnRisk PRICING ENGINE and UnRisk-Q.

The UnRisk FACTORY project was started in 2006 with 4 developers. We decided on using version control from the very beginning of our development and settled on using Subversion which was the de-facto standard for version control in software development in 2006. Over time around a dozen developers and two dogs have contributed to the project. At the time of this writing, our Subversion repository holds more than 27000 change sets.

Since version control is now standard in software development, visualization tools have appeared that turn the history of a project into a graphical animation. One such tool is GourceGource displays software projects as an animated tree with the root directory of the project at its centre. Directories are shown as branches with files as leaves. Files and directories appear in the animation when they are checked into the repository and disappear when the haven't been touched by a user for some time.

Here is the resulting Gource animation for the UnRisk FACTORY development repository. 8 years of development time compressed to 8 minutes.

If video viewing does not work in your browser, you can download the mp4 video from here.