StartupQuants 2014 - An Intimate Workout

This is a plan. We want to establish a new yearly event. And make it right for you. We just need a date and go.

StartupQuants 2014 - at the UnRisk Headquarter in Linz, Austria

We offer a first intimate Friday-Saturday workout with original thinkers on numerical maths and knowledge-based programming. It shall become an annual gathering to help startup quants leverage their work.

What you'll learn

You will walk away with tangible model-method-technology triples enabling you doing the difficult quant work and add value to valuation and risk management systems.

Who is moderating?

We're bringing the heads of the UnRisk Academy and authors of A Workout in Computational Finance and selected team members experienced in complex mathematical problem solving and hybrid programming. Those who write here.

How do you get in?

You are a founder or a quant who thinks like a startup in a financial institution committed to learning how to detect and avoid the risky horror of model-method traps. Interested in project organization and even promotion of your work.

You talk about yourself and what you are working on, stuck on, looking to improve. 

Delegates will learn from each other and us.

To apply we will ask you to write us 3 lines about your position and work and what you expect from the workout.

It is FREE

It does not cost anything to attend. The workout is only open for 12 people. You need to come to Linz and stay two days, You need to pay lodging and food except two quick lunches.

Our Hot Topics include

Stabilization techniques for PDE solving
Overcoming the ill-posedness of the calibrations problem
Variance reduction MC and why QMC is the only choice
The valuation tsunami of MC VaR and xVA
The benefits of hybrid, multi-paradigm programming
Wolfram Language, Python, C++11, Java 8 or/and Javascript?
Why radical experimentation is indispensable
A simple but effective and efficient project management toolset

StartupQuants 2014 is a computational finance workout for quants who want to do the difficult work, avoiding the risky horror of computational traps, using motivational tools and transform their potential into stunning results.

For event pre-processing

If you are interested send me an e-mail (Herbert Exner) with a little work description, expectations, ideas, … Why, do I ask? We want to push the boundaries and make it a perfect event for and with you.

It is not a registration and will be kept confidential.