We all work for the UnRisk consortium built of MathConsult, 
UnRisk maker and uni software plus, UnRisk business developer.

In a simple typology, one might call us coal faced mathematicians and  computer scientists,
who have fallen in love with quant finance. 

We have solved complex problems in technical fields, but quant finance forces 
multi-strategy, multi-method approaches and hybrid programming.  

We deliver solutions that are development systems in one. And we provide the view behind the curtain.

But we also want to tell you, who we are and what drives our motivations and frustrations. 
We all have our little stories and we hope you will enjoy ...

Andreas Binder
Michael Aichinger
Michael Schwaiger
Sascha Kratky
Diana Hufnagl
Johannes Fürst
Stefan Janecek
Herbert Exner