Alexander Dumas' Model

In the LikedIn Group Quant Finance we have a thread What do people think of new "Black Swan" funds and "Black Swan" hedging. With others, I share the view that buying insurance against a Black Swan event, illiquidity might become the Black Swan of a Black Swan event (nobody left to pay if it happens).

The Future That Never Happened

Cover story in Wired, Aug-10 .
We still don't have, Laser Guns, Food in a Pill, Robot Servants, Nano Technology, Fusion Power, Quantum Computing ... and Self-Driving Cars.

The Future Is Getting Old Like The Rest Of Us?

A film conceived in the format of a TV play, part of The Skills Exchange Project at the Serpentine Gallery in London.
I like this small gallery - see Design Real .
The title came into my mind, when I read about and in The Future Of Finance of the London School of Economics.

Shanghai Noon

In about a month UnRisk will visit Shanghai to highlighting the latest directions and technologies in Shanghai Seminars 2010 for financial institutions -  together with our partner China Quants .

1977, The TRS-80 Was Announced on 3-Aug

"Wired", This Day in Tech , Tandy Corp of Texas announced the manufacture of the first mass-product personal computer.