Toward the End of Should?

Doctors should never advertise, hit musicians should be American or British, good wine should come from Bordeaux or Burgundy, great deals should be done by legal experts, effective leaders should control, big systems should come from major technology players, financial software should come from NY or London, object-oriented programming should be in C++ or Java, gadgets should not be utilized to crunch tons of numbers ... ?

Make Someone Else's Important Deadline

Great software development technologies and deep design are good for many things. They help us to make software product efficient, stable, extendible, easy to integrate and development processes swift, understandable, .... To make it fit for purpose, effective and, say, blazingly fast you need domain knowledge and in-depth methodological know-how.

The Worst Type of Optimizer

Harry Markowitz introduced the concept of diversification into investing back in the 1950s. Investors can reduce portfolio risk by holding combinations of instruments which are not perfectly positively correlated. Using information on the correlation between the returns of the assets in a portfolio you can choose a weighted portfolio to minimize the total volatility for any expected return. A foundation for many results in quantitative finance - a model for portfolio optimization.

Big Data. What About Big Insight?

Yes, we have got massive data and more are streaming each second from many sources around the world. And there is a lot of computational knowledge that has been accumulated in our civilization. And there are methods so extract knowledge from data.

The No-Problem Problem

A title from Seth Godin's blog.

The essence of risk management is: decide the adequate measure at the time when the risk is exposed, not when it eventually happens. This is easy if it is expected that a risk has a structure in a certain sense.

The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century?

A few minutes after I have posted UTOPE, the HBR October 2012 magazine fluttered on my desk.

It is about Big Data - how vast new streams of data are changing the art of management.
(no question on apophenia aspects ..)


Unfortunate cosT Of Pattern rEcognition. This is the cover story of the Wilmott Magazine, Jul-12 issue. Apophenia is the technical name for a problem with human nature: seeing meaningful patterns, when they do not exist.

Simplification is the Real Sophistication

... a statement with this semantics has been made by Leonardo da Vinci. I agree.

I have changed the design of this blog. You might have seen that I have tumbled between various results never really happy. The Blogger Template Designer is a fantastic tool : it really guides you to great results via an evolutionary prototyping approach. But I always wanted too much, without knowing really, what too much is.

Arming David

It is unbelievable - in its March 2006 issue Willmott Magazine wrote: Arming David - in a market of Goliath able to justify huge spend on enterprise management how are the numerous small capital management houses to meet regulatory pressures whilst remaining cost effective.

15 Years of Adaptive Integration

No, I am not falling into a retro mood. Our history just came to mind more frequently when I set up the frame for our event ...

In Return of the Lumberjacks, I have outlined that Andreas Binder has introduced Adaptive Integration at a workshop that turned out as our entry into the quant finance world.

To SaaS Or Not To SaaS?

This was asked in a recent Wired Cloudline Blog Post. Why to subscribe to a Software-as-a-server?
Six reasons are discussed, referring to Zilliant …

Great Auditors Do Not Only Audit

It seems to be common sense that an audit is an evaluation of an entity. Financial auditing is the verification of the financial statements of legal entities.
An external auditor is a professional who  performs an audit in accordance with specific laws ... She is independent of the entity being audited.

Return of the Lumberjacks

In the latest Wilmott Magazine the editor in chief, Dan Tudball, interviewed Andreas Binder and Michael Aichinger of UnRisk about the direction the firm is taking its software and the never-endung battles with trees.

Meet UnRisk in Tokyo

Wolfram Research Asia, Hulinks and us invite to a seminar presenting the Wolfram Finance Platform and UnRisk in Tokyo.

DIY Investors

The availability of online financial tools has enabled people to manage their money in ways they could not before.
The hidden background: main and wall are never going to love each other, meaning Main Street and Wall Street, synonymous for real economy and financial markets?