We Make UnRisk Inherently Parallel

We outline the newUnRisk concept of representing the domain specific programming front-end in different languages here. UnRisk becomes polyglot.

7 Things Risk Managers Should Be Thankful for in 2013

Risk management. Over the years regulatory and business requirements have driven financial institutions to take leading positions in technology, implementing new sophisticated features and automated analytics solutions that are widely accessible. To master the complexity of massive portfolio-across-scenario analysis, technology gets the role of an enabler.

Model Validation - First Defense Front of Risk Management?

Computational Finance is, in our understanding, the art of modelling financial processes and then to somehow calculate fair values of financial instruments. 

The continuing financial crisis has led to significant changes in the valuation of derivative contracts. New accounting standards force the adjustment of values with respect to many risk factors and introduce much more complexity to the valuations space - and consequently traps that should be avoided.

UnRisk User Wins Wolfram Innovator Award

The Wolfram Technology Conference 2012 took place from October 17-19 at Wolfram's headquarter in Champaign, IL.  Stephen Wolfram honored those who have made significant contributions to their industry - with Wolfram Technologies.

My Favorite Fiction Books of Nov-12

Blogs, I quite frequently read, present Favorite Books of 2012.

I worked quite hard this November, but I took my time to read a few fiction books and - maybe they were well selected - 3 are among my favorite reads ever. I read in German.


We are highly committed to accelerate our engines and unleash our technologies that accelerate development processes.

Agenda 2013 - Accelerate

2012 we have released UnRisk 6 and UnRisk FACTORY 4. It was the year of new customer segments and uses of our FACTORY based solutions as well as the programming power behind. The UnRisk engines and the FACTORY and VaR Universe are now linked twofold. 100+ customers world-wide enjoy UnRisk's benefits - supporting solutions from model validation to comprehensive SaaS offers.

The Tight-Integration Trap

This goes beyond our core business interests and positioning. It is about complex, tightly coupled systems. A dangerous mix.
A complex system can have unintended consequences and tightly coupled in most of the cases means there is not enough time to react to them.

The Slow Developer Movement


IMO, there are too many incubators around and we might see a swing back towards science driven innovation in 2013? We are lucky that we positioned ourself as independent sw boutique, trying to make the impossible possible but not overdo it.

Cheap Innovations

The large financial institutions have long been seen as the source of fresh thinking and innovation. But in 2013 this position may flip? Smaller institutions are teaching the world best financial practices.

Technologies That Makes Us More Angelic?

In the special issue The WIRED World 2013 a guide that gives its readers foresight into trends and ideas that will shape the coming year I read about angel technology. 
Technologies have made us more effective and efficient. Angel technologies will make as more angelic.

Happy Birthday To Us

There is no traditional gift for an 11th.

But the 11 Years of UnRisk event yesterday paid by insight: our rigorous research for mathematical-finance difference does matter. We know it, but it is great to see it live ...