We are highly committed to accelerate our engines and unleash our technologies that accelerate development processes.

But this is only possible because we also accelerate our companies' "operating system", building a system with even greater creativity, agility and speed.

What are the foundations?

  • a solid mathematical foundation - associating, connecting problems and approaches from different fields 
  • a hybrid system approach - multi-strategy, multi-model and multi-method valuations, implementation techniques fit for their respective purpose
  • UnRisk developed in UnRisk - UnRisk Add-Ons are built in the domain-specific language that is represented in different programming languages
What are the driving forces to make changes even faster?
  • two systems, but one organization - we established a culture in which newUnRisk competes with the existing UnRisk engines, but innovations are driven by deep co-operation of the responsible teams
  • more change agents - in a network-like structure strategies are formulated and implemented continually and throughout the UnRisk teams. When UnRisk developers provide support the feedback loop is closed, new requirements are anticipated and new technology ideas created
  • move fast towards opportunities - markets are shifting to unexpected regimes and reactive customers require new valuations or risk management processes immediately. Those opportunities allow parts of the UnRisk network to grow along a new challenge  
In our understanding companies' operation system really means that it can run "programs" - with functions that can store and manage values - to maker the numbers - and processing units that make quick transformations - to make numbers in the future.

This all is only possible because of our bottom-up innovation path that we have chosen from the beginning. Set up pricing and calibration engines, make them inherently parallel, wrap them with a domain specific language, integrate valuation and data management, provide instrument and scenario group builders enabling the nesting of everything into everything, provide a simulation environment, build a web connection layer and so on.