Happy Birthday To Us

There is no traditional gift for an 11th.

But the 11 Years of UnRisk event yesterday paid by insight: our rigorous research for mathematical-finance difference does matter. We know it, but it is great to see it live ...

If you want to create, advise or manage good financial practices you need accurate, blazingly fast and robust mathematical schemes.

How did you manage the link from the iPad to the computational server? All mathematical optimizers and the portfolio composer run local on the iPad.

Know how to migrate heavy mathematics from supercomputers to ... smart devices.

In a reverse step this allows for massive computations in minimalist infrastructures: the speakers have shown eminent practical examples of model validation, fast risk management with full valuation, more transparency by on-demand analytics and explaining complex financial concepts by doing interactive scenarios (on an iPad) ... Raiffeisen, Solventis, Deloitte Financial Advisory, Axicorda, Credit Suisse Private Banking Advisory Innovation, ...