UnRisk - 10 Years After

The Austrian National Holiday was yesterday. This is an important anniversary for us. The launch of "UnRisk" before UnRisk. It was around the national holiday 2000, when we conducted a workshop for the design of the architecture around the bank-proof C++ library and outlined our technical framework and business strategy. 

This Is A Math's World!

Many economic experts have "seen" the crisis coming. Sometimes it looks to me, like a I-have-seen-it contagion. 

Emergency Landing,

When I read about this dramatic situation in Iris Mack's Blog, it immediately came in my mind, that it is often the details that we suppress and that so many things need to interplay correctly to make our convenient life also safe.

A Barcelona Cloud That Rains Insight

Solventis, Barcelona, Spain and UnRisk have entered into a development partnership to offering web-enabled valuation and risk-management solutions for Solventis' core market segments. 

The World's Lungs

"The Economist" , Sep, 25th, special report on The World's Lungs ... forests purveyors of water, consumers of carbon, treasure-house of species, the world's forest are ecological miracle, they must not be allowed to vanish