A Barcelona Cloud That Rains Insight

Solventis, Barcelona, Spain and UnRisk have entered into a development partnership to offering web-enabled valuation and risk-management solutions for Solventis' core market segments. 

While UnRisk has invested significant efforts to provide generic technologies based on UnRisk-Q, webMathematica and webUnRisk, Solventis will transform them into distinguished solutions, that make their highly experienced and eminent practical offerings available on System-as-a-Service/Web-based platforms (SaaS).
Solventis has used UnRisk since its market introduction and was a pioneer UnRisk FACTORY user who offered their customers in the cloud solutions to accelerating their time-to-insight in risk profiles. 

The next achievement will be a comprehensive Value-at-Risk system that screens portfolios that are organized orthogonally in the sense of deal types and risk factors. This approach will overcome the traps of VaR mis-interpretation and contribute to the change-regimes regulators are forcing increasingly. 
Millions of single valuations and massive concurrent access? UnRisk tames this in-time by principle component application, grid-computing and CUDA utilization (if required) and provide tools that scales them for high traffic and work with modern web services.

Solventis provides many professionals in financial institutions and corporate finance with valuation and risk management services in the cloud. This will not cause more rain-in-spain, but rain insight .....