Free Seminars - UnRisk + Mathematica + NVIDIA Accelerating Risk Analytics

WolframNVIDIA and us will present New Technologies For Accelerating Quantitative Analytics in London, Paris, Zurich, Frankfurt.

We want to point out that there are reasons to introduce advanced computational systems to master the growing complexity of the modern quantitative finance. We will present new ways for valuing sophisticated deal types and manage risk in time.
And we want to point out that each single task in quantitative finance bears the danger of fundamental mistakes and timing problems, why those can become horrible in interplay and how to avoid them.

The events will cover:
  • NVIDIA CUDA, Mathematica, UnRisk, technologies, coverage, products, solutions, software engineering aspects - why they fit so well together
  • Optimal use of the technologies - how to eliminate the usual trade off of elegance, accuracy, speed and robustness
  • Analyzing massive data – a suite of statistical and computational functions to avoid misinterpretation of data set
  • Model types, parameter identification, numerical methods – can model risk be quantified? The fit is good, why is the price so bad? 
  • Pricing and risk analytics of complex options – Why it has intrinsic fragility, when advanced volatility models are used and how to avoid it
  • Implementation – The latest advantages of implementations on NVIDIA Tesla computers in the UnRisk / Mathematica framework 
Event benefits
  • Exclusive insight – full explanations of the technologies, advantages, limits, traps and improvements
  • Practical example – live
Who should attend?
Quants, front office practitioners, risk professionals, researchers, who need to accelerate their time-to-insight and new perspectives in massive data and quantitative analytics. 

It Is An Outstanding Product - Is The Pricing Right?

In the technical set-up, we have done our best efforts to select the best models, best solvers and best implementations.

Will There Be A Do It Yourself Revolution in Finance?

I have been working in factory automation for many years. We had quite original ideas, but the hidden forces that shaped our decisions were technologies and related cost. In the late 1970ies we had already CAD/CAM support and in the mid 1980ies multi-manufacturing and multi-axes CNC machines could produce quite complex finished parts in one set-up. We had robots and automated vehicles, .... All in large scale.

UnRisk VaR Universe Rolls Out

8-Apr-11, UnRisk took its comprehensive VaR module on top of UnRisk-Q to quant developers in financial institutions.