From Financial Daredevils To Autopilots?

Thinking about surfing the turbulent price waves an aspect of discontinuity in technology development enters into my consciousness.

From Financial Doldrums to Storm

This weekend, again at the lake - the Attersee: Yesterday evening, within twenty minutes the wind changed from doldrums to storm and the water began to swirl.

We Live in an Era of Uncertainty and Risk

In the shadow of the boat house I re-read a book, I have not looked into for a while: M. Mitchell Waldrop's  Complexity and its first chapter linked me to Brian Arthur's work especially his understanding of economic behavior, in the opposite of the classical theory of economy (and this in the 1970ies!): Increasing Returns and Path Dependence in the Economy, also title of his book released 1994, a collection of papers.

Where Are We On The Agenda 2011

This year I have rented a little apartment in an old post station at one of Austria's most beautiful lakes - the Attersee.
Next week I will take a few days off and enjoy this view when coming through the veteran wooden boathouse to capture the first sun beams of the morning. Looking back a little - Gustav Mahler stayed in this corners composing …

2^5 Financial Institutions in Austria Selected UnRisk

With the order of an UnRisk FACTORY and VaR Universe  by a capital management firm UnRisk customers grew to 32 in Austria alone this week.