Bullet Trains and Intermodal Express Traveling

In Bullet Trains are Coming I have compared our fast solvers, combining advanced mathematical schemes and high-performance-computing technology, with the speed-trains.
Fast or super fast?

Bullet Trains are Coming

I read in Wired Feb-10 . After decades of false starts, planners are finally beginning to make headway on what could become the largest, most complicated infrastructure project ever attempted in the US. Technically, Speed-Trains are high-voltage rockets. Fast Train History leads to TGV with a speed record of 357 MPH.


Remember, what you see is what you get - wySiwyg? In short, users visualize what they are producing.

What you Need is what you get? Users declare what they are computing?


Our ear anatomy is minimalist in the following sense: less complexity and it could not transform sound-waves into enough information for our brain, more complexity and we would only recognize noise.
This kind of minimalism is also required in modeling financial instruments ( as outlined in When Good ENUF is Great ) to receive enough reliable information to supporting deal decisions.