Bullet Trains and Intermodal Express Traveling

In Bullet Trains are Coming I have compared our fast solvers, combining advanced mathematical schemes and high-performance-computing technology, with the speed-trains.
Fast or super fast?

Our approach: speed shall be limited by the infrastructure only. Consequently, our UnRisk FACTORY has tightly tied together the number crunching part, the transaction processing and the deployment.
The Risk Analytics Factory.

But as special purpose express traveling (say, by bullet trains) shall be linked to global intermodal express traveling, superfast risk analytics shall be linked to fast enterprise-wide data management.

Recently, Andreas and myself enjoyed a meeting with Brian Sentance, CEO of Xenomorph , makers of TimeScape a scalable system for managing and controlling massive financial data centrally. Bringing data and analytics together and make them central to the business. And do it much faster.
We quickly found out that TimeScape and UnRisk FACTORY could contribute to redrawing the risk analytics business maps. Due to their open architectures, our systems can collaborate immediately. But we strive for mining additional advantages for data and analytics management, with highest performance even in minimalist infrastructure.

In the petabye-and-terraflops age, innovators can find much better ways for quick decision support.

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