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UnRisk is the presenter at Wilmott Finance Focus. 22-May-12 at 7city Learning, 4 Chiswell Street, London.

Shhh, ... UnRisk 6 is Coming

In about a month, we will take UnRisk-Q and UnRisk PRICING ENGINE version 6 to financial institution's developing quants and risk professionals.

It has a Name - UnRisk

Two weeks ago, it was still UnRisk Unnamed. In the mean time the core team had a creative dinner, enjoying north-indian food, and we have a name now - UnRisk.
It just came out of a natural conversation.

Wall Street Loses Career Magnetism

DealB%k, Kevin Roose wrote Wall Street's Latest Campus Recruiting Crises. The essence of the article: the best and brightest students are turning to other industries.

Lessons of Steve Jobs

The Real Leadership Lessons of Steve Jobs is the cover story of the Apr-12 issue of HBR.

14 keys of success. I cannot resist to look into them - with the eye of and the applicability to our business.

Reverse Innovation

At the first strategy meetings in 2001 we have decided to make a big system for the small. And yes, our over hundred customers are small and medium sized  financial market participants, banks, capital management firms, asset management groups at insurance and independent financial services institutions.

Window of Opportunity

A few steps away from my office I can find this Magnolia tree.
They are not only impressive beautiful, when their sweet fragrance fills the air, you know you are at start of spring. They are magnificent flowering plants featuring blossoms in various colors. There are about 80 different species.

Me Talking to Myself in a Year

4-Jan-2010 I posted Me Talking to Myself in the Future, predicting a few achievements for begin 2012.

How precise? UnRisk engines version 6 will be released Q2-12. UnRisk FACTORY and Capital Manager well be at version 4 in Q4-12 with the coverage of the UnRisk 6 engine and more automation.
We have included the VaR Universe and the UnRisk Academy tied software and learning aspects together to know-how packages.
UnRisk is running on heterogenous  CPU/GPU architectures.