The Model With The Eyebrows

Today I break all blog rules: never publish more than one post a day.

But, I am quite excited after we have decided yesterday to bring more ... I will inform you, after having completed the concept, context and form ...

The New Blog Orientation and Rhythm is one Result of 4 Principal Commitments

In the previous post I have announces the mathematics Wednesday and the physics Friday.

But this was only one result of something that we at UnRisk worked on in the last weeks.

More Theme Orientation, Better Rhythm - a Mathematician's Wednesday and a Physicist's Friday

We started our blog with The UnRiskverse - 13-May-09 with a hand full page visits per day. Now we enjoy an average of about 170 page visits per day.

Why We See Quants As Master Builders

No, it is not that I just think about VaR of the Jungle - about placing a village in the jungle in a relative safe place and building the fences in a way that dangers inside are cleared out by, say. 99%.

Beat the Market - Let Your House Cat (Robot) Invest?

There are many anecdotes that creatures could beat the stock market with "darts". Maybe the success of these "investment strategies" was not so random?

Aggregate Risk Data. But What About Risk Insight?

The fist time when this came to my mind was when I thought about Big Data. What About Big Insight?. With the conclusion: computation is a strong concept especially, when it is combined with data management intelligently.

What Keeps Heads of Risk Management Awake at Night?

The role of Risk Managers was fundamentally changing

What was once considered as a supporting position has become central in the corporate environment of financial institutions. It is one of the most mentioned job titles. And it is one of the most challenging positions at least since markets have shifted to new regimes characterized by almost unimaginable anomalies.

Derivatives Should Make Markets Safer - Do They?

After reading this Bloomberg column, author Mark Buchanan, I should have severe doubts. I have read the reference article by MIT economist Alp Simsek, but not being a macroeconomists, I need concentrate on the conclusions.

Shhh, ... UnRisk FACTORY 5 Is Coming

In about a month, we will take UnRisk FACTORY version 5 to financial institutions.

Written by UnRiskers in a Steel Town

I write in the name of the authors and try to compile motivations, design and positioning of this book. And show that it is part of our Open Innovation commitment.

Quants - Build Technologies That Fix What They Broke

This post is inspired by this isn't going to work in Seth Godin's Blog.

It is about taming a system that runs out of its propose. In many cases regulations or motivations will not work - but the technology it is built of may.

The First Quant Fitness Workout is Scheduled for London

A few minutes ago, we decided to offer a one day workout in London. On 30-Jan-14 at the Pinner's Hall Venue of the British Bankers Association.

Four Ways To Answer Quant Finance Questions

I read this in Noahpinon's Blog. I like this blog, because of the original thinking and a right portion of humor. And I really find Noah's trust in his team great - delegating the blog continuation while he is taking a break from blogging.

Quants Often Work Like, But Are Not Supported Like Startups

You might be surprised that I write (a completely unstructured) post series about quants. You would maybe be even more surprised, knowing that less than 20% of our many hundred users are quants in the core sense. The vast majority are investment and risk professionals.

Are There Two Kinds of Quant Thinking - Abundance or Scarcity?

Weekends are always a bit dangerous. I hike through woods, read more general stuff ... This post is inspired by this Podcast in Michael Hyatt's blog,