The New Blog Orientation and Rhythm is one Result of 4 Principal Commitments

In the previous post I have announces the mathematics Wednesday and the physics Friday.

But this was only one result of something that we at UnRisk worked on in the last weeks.

How to drive forward our expertise

And this are the 4 commitments we derived from the process.

  1. Own and explain it -  our work is devoted to quant finance and we will serve the community not only with software but know how packages. We especially want to support quants and risk professionals to leverage their output and influence
  2. Constantly adjust our business compass - market regimes, methodologies and technologies change rapidly. We cannot innovate alone. One to one marketing and open innovation require changes in our business models
  3. Increase and schedule our creative time - the more our business grows (we enjoyed significant revenue growth in the last months), the broader the opportunities we get. To avoid that opportunities become threats we must manage them. But we must never forget that we need to create the foundations for tomorrow
  4. Focus on our core competence - do we need to create more products? We don't think so. But the transformations or our core competence (computational finance and technologies) into new uses will drive a dramatic advance of the existing ones
This behind-the-curtain look, even on the strategic business level, is part of our open uncompromising information policy. The blog is just one media in UnRisk Exploration. We really ant to make the box white and tell you about us.

Before I forget it: we also re-engineer our business to save our lives - we work hard, but we try to justify time and intense. We think that we can serve our clients better when we leverage our output without overdoing ...