Taming the Machine Infernal

we do implementations within the CUDA framework for many months now. In Nov-09 we installed a nvidia Tesla personal supercomputer in a server-rack with 2 Quadcore processors, 24 GB memory, triple channel architecture, with 2 Tesla C1060 and 1 GTX260 GPUs. A machine that let you "feel" the heat. A-wild-thing-that-makes-my-heart-sing.

Shhh...Testing In Progress

Sometimes, I cannot believe it myself. The next releases of our PRICING ENGINE and FACTORY are in the testing phase.

Imitation or Innovation?

Do creative copiers overshadow pioneers and innovators? Product life cycles need to become shorter and you cannot make groundbreaking innovations to gain a strategic edge just on demand.

Build An Enterprise Without Borders?

Recently when we intensified our partnership with China-Quants, I was rethinking our business models and strategies. 

Why Good Spreadsheets Make Bad Strategies?

A report in Harvard Business Review, Apr-10, relating to a provocative blog post by Roger Martin, dean of the Rotman School.
Manage through fear and intimidation, love, role modeling, ... or if you can't measure something, it might be the very most aspect of the problem?