Build An Enterprise Without Borders?

Recently when we intensified our partnership with China-Quants, I was rethinking our business models and strategies. 

First, we launched the UnRisk consortium, combining forces of two companies with different skills. MathConsult, makers and owners of UnRisk, Andreas Binder, CEO, doing industrial research and sw development for complex technical systems and quantitative finance and my uni software plus, UnRisk business developers.
Both located in the Steel Town Linz, Austria - our direct customers always know, where to find us, who they are working with and how our solvers and models work.
Then we decided to partner,
  • with customers - in fact we transform customer experiences into solutions, to their and our benefit
  • with Wolfram and Wolfram partners - both partnering to bringing Mathematica based solutions into the world
  • with financial services and solution providers - like China Quants and Solventis , who build their services upon UnRisk
  • with technology leaders - Wolfram, makers of Mathematica, the universal platform that ties all UnRisk technologies together, Xenomorph, makers of TimeScape for financial data and analytics management
We are highly committed to serving our partners individually, whilst driving our generic quantitive finance technologies. They also know where to find us, who they are working with and how our solvers and models work.
So, customers in, say, Asia might not know MathConsult and uni software plus, but they know UnRisk and our partners. And it is like knowing us - the enterprise that packages know how and partners with the most talented individuals and groups for business development, services and development of groundbreaking technological foundations.

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