Another Look to the Future of UnRisk

Today 5 years have passed since we have delivered the first version of UnRisk FACTORY to an Austrian bank. In fact UnRisk FACTORY has been created as result of a joint project ordered by a consortium of 3 banks with one common goal: enable them to perform portfolio-across-scenario-analytics in-time and highly automated for portfolios that contain the most sophisticated deal types.

Finance Focus Lecture - Deep Space Analytics - Recorded

We hosted a lecture for finance industry professionals in the frame of Wilmott's Finance Focus inn 22.May-12.

Deep Space Analytics at Wilmott Serving the Quant Finance Community.

A Little More Info about UnRisk 6

This is the updated Instrument Coverage and Documentation Center.

To get most out of the products customers get full explanation on the technical foundations and technical approaches.

UnRisk 6 Rolls Out

21-May-12 - we have released UnRisk PRICING ENGINE and UnRisk-Q version 6, introduced as UnRisk 6. This release is free for all UnRisk Premium Service Customers and will be shipped to all new customers immediately. UnRisk has been introduced 2001. Now UnRisk 6 is the 19th release.

About Exotic Places

I like good food and now and then, even not a slave of raters, I look into rankings - as The World's 50 Best Restaurants. Looking through the winner list, not surprisingly the major cities are well presented as well as known culinary regions, like the one around San Sebastian, Spain.

Spot New Ideas

Inspired by the article How to Spot the Future in the Wired UK Magazine Jun-12 issue, I thought about some of our principles.

All-New-UnRisk Web Info

We have just launched web pages that will describe the process along our reinventing UnRisk efforts.
At the moment its is an overview, but we will come with prototypical examples, interesting details, timelines and what have you in such an exciting project.