Spot New Ideas

Inspired by the article How to Spot the Future in the Wired UK Magazine Jun-12 issue, I thought about some of our principles.

  1. Cross-Pollination - we cross-apply methodologies and techniques in different fields. Most of the numerical schemes in the UnRisk pricing and calibration engines have been applied in complex technical systems, like combustion engine tuning, optimization of chemical reactor processes, ..
  2. Faster and Cheaper - surfing the wave of exponentials, we try to develop platform-agnostic code for all future computing muscles
  3. Deep Design - we try to transform the requirements written in terms sheets into objects and events that orthogonally work with models and methods in order to create insight for better trading decisions. This needs layers of abstractions and actions
  4. Openness - two-sided: we bank on openness by our white box principles and unleashing the programming power behind the UnRisk FACTORY solution suite. Financial businesses are becoming more complex in the sense of creating margins and delivering solutions for want-to-make money users. Impossible to stem operational risk at one hand and excessive development cost at the other hand.
  5. Liberators and Time-Wasters - UnRisk lives in a scientific environment of about 100 mathematicians, physicists and computer scientists (university, Institute of the Austrian Academy of Science), but we understand that clinging blindly to science can kill innovation. We established a culture of liberation and partial time-wasting, in order to creating unconventional, original ideas. And we integrate our featured customers, partners and focus groups into such processes. One outcome of this is our big-system-for-the-small commitment. This might on the long run enable us to support some do-it-yourself, DYS, finance sector. To liberate and being consciously, passionately inefficient from time to time pays really back. We even focus on market segments where such cultures are established.
At the other hand  you might find us old fashioned in our business principles: customer-first responsiveness, products before profits.

Look from time to time how our All-New UnRisk progresses. It is made in the frame of our principles.