UnRisk 6 Rolls Out

21-May-12 - we have released UnRisk PRICING ENGINE and UnRisk-Q version 6, introduced as UnRisk 6. This release is free for all UnRisk Premium Service Customers and will be shipped to all new customers immediately. UnRisk has been introduced 2001. Now UnRisk 6 is the 19th release.

We have passionately developed UnRisk 6 to extending the already vast variety of deal types by commodity instruments and new credit, inflation, equity/fx and interest rate linked products. We have extended the GPU utilization from Heston pricing and calibration of options to General Hull & White pricing and calibration of interest rate instruments. And UnRisk-Q is now cross-platform.

To empower quant developers to swiftly create their specialized solutions, we have released UnRisk-Q. It is not only blazingly fast, it is innovative in methodologies and techniques, a white box and enables a wide spectrum of solutions.