About Exotic Places

I like good food and now and then, even not a slave of raters, I look into rankings - as The World's 50 Best Restaurants. Looking through the winner list, not surprisingly the major cities are well presented as well as known culinary regions, like the one around San Sebastian, Spain.

But stop, rank 34? Fäviken Magasinet?

It is really in the middle of nowhere in the sense of visitor density, frequency and culinary awareness ....
The cooking seems to emphasizing on originality, search of perfection in ingredients and treatment, but especially accepting near-nature's own innovations.
They only have 16 seats and I do not know whether they strive for growth, reputation, .. or just enjoy cooking and happiness of their guests? Here to innovate and serving the best possible food.

We, at UnRisk often discuss our position.
We know that in the community of quant finance, we are at an exotic place. Our mathematical ingredients and treatments have been motivated by local steel mills, chemical reactors, machine tool makers, ..
But mathematical cooking for financial experts is our passion and we are here to innovate, always in search of perfection and serving the best possible solutions and tools.

We do not know our position in rankings ...

And like in the Magasinet, new customers cannot chose their own "financial  menus", but those who interact with us regularly can influence not only menu sets, but dishes. And we deliver at the same "evening".