Another Pocketful Of Experiences

2010 was the year of getting back, but not on the old horse.

Looking back again might be a luxury, but valuable lessons can be learned from a short trip down the memory lane through a year that has been also our 10 years after .

UnRisk Gets Even Faster, Smarter, Better

thanks to the latest technologies including Mathematica 8 our platform that integrates all optimized engines in C++, services in Java, data base access and web services now even faster and more robust, Windows HPC Server 2008 utilized by our Grid-solutions for  massive portfolio-across-scenarios valuations, NVIDIA's CUDA GPU architecture codenamed "Fermi" making our pricing and calibration engines a magnitude faster, the integrated development environment Wolfram Workbench 2 , ...
together with a few clever algorithms and advanced numerical schemes, the orthogonal organization of deal types, models and methods, ...
Good to know.

Manipulate A Big FACTORY From Your iPad

Remember, Jet Lag May Cause Stupidity - no without irony, isn't it one of the great technological achievements that our software goes where we go?
When we designed our UnRisk FACTORY for risk analytics in real time we knew it requires 3 flexible building blocks

The Provenance Paradox

I read the HBR, Dec-10, article Why You Aren't Buying Venezuelan Chocolote. I like chocolate and  Venezuela has the best cacao beans and I thought, why do people limit their own guts, by thinking that only, say, Belgium or Switzerland can make top chocolate.

We Did Not Rest and We Will Not Rest

Valuable lessons can be learned from a trip down memory lane. In the late 1990ies were asked to develop some convertible bond pricing tools for a London-based trading desk. It turned out that the software they used was based on tree methods. As dividends mattered, trees did not recombine and, even worse, Greeks displayed oscillatory behavior.