Manipulate A Big FACTORY From Your iPad

Remember, Jet Lag May Cause Stupidity - no without irony, isn't it one of the great technological achievements that our software goes where we go?
When we designed our UnRisk FACTORY for risk analytics in real time we knew it requires 3 flexible building blocks

  • a high performance valuation server
  • an optimized transaction processing
  • a web front-end
We thought web-browsers would become little powerful client operation systems and we anticipated that tablet computers will support them.
And in fact our customers enjoy the following benefits from using the UnRisk FACTORY
  • faster time-to-insight
  • complete evidence
  • wide access
iPad is a magical and revolutionary product. I find, our FACTORY front-end looks elegant on it and it has the right screen size to navigate and input. And we know it gives us even more capabilities, like apps that will allow us to provide more extra dynamic visualization to see risk ...